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Our Garden


Planting- Friday 8th April 2022

Now the weather has improved and before the Easter holidays we have transferred our  sunflower and pumpkin plants from the pots into the ground.

We have made sure they have had plenty of water to last until we come back after the Easter break.

The next stage- week beginning 28th March 2022

Many of our plants have germinated and we were hoping to be able to transfer our sunflowers and pumpkins in to our garden plot. However, the meteorologists (weather folk) decided otherwise and after a wonderful tropical week they forecast drastic changes to frost, ice and even snow. So rather than planting them in the garden plot we transferred (re-potted) our plants into larger pots so that the roots would have more room to spread. Hopefully we can plant them in the garden soon.

 Week beginning 14th March 2022

We have begun to prepare our plantations for our garden plot this term. We have set new pumpkin seeds and have each planted our own sunflower seeds. We have left them to germinate in compost until they are ready to be planted. 

Autumn Term 2021-Our Garden has bloomed over the summer.

Our sunflowers are reaching high to the sky and our wild flowers have started to grow.

We also have several pumpkin plants which should be ready by Halloween, fingers crossed.