Norbriggs Primary School

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Cooking Project


We have set up a cooking project in school for parents and pupils. It runs for 3 hours from 2pm-5pm on Monday afternoons.

The project aims to help families to make healthier choices, learn basic skills

and build confidence to cook meals with basic ingredients which can be cooked at home on a regular basis.

The project also helps families to manage budgets  and learn how shopping and cooking can be cost effective with little food waste.

The project is aimed at Year 4 and 5 parents and children.

Parents work alongside their children to cook a main meal that will feed 4 people.  Parents are provided with the utensils they need  and are also given ingredients for the meal. The sessions also include conversations on where the dishes the make originate from and discussions on healthy and unhealthy diet choices.

Each group of 12 parents will have access to 10 sessions and then the project will be offered to a new group of 12.