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World Book Day


 It's World Book Day on Thursday 4th March

Take ten minutes to share stories with your child. Look at the pictures together, guess what the characters are up to and ask your child what they think will happen next. Our book of the week is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have lots of ways to celebrate  World Book Day at home.


Try some of the different fruit mentioned in the story and see which is your favourite. A Very Hungry Caterpillar themed snack could be made by cutting grapes in half for the body or a strawberry for the head. Think of other fruits you could use to make a caterpillar.


Can you find some facts about caterpillars or butterflies?


Design a butterfly pattern for the beautiful butterfly when it emerges from its cocoon. Remember to try and make it symmetrical. You could use pens, paint or collage to create your butterfly design.

Please send in your entries via Facebook or Remind. There will be a winner from each class who will receive a prize.