Norbriggs Primary School

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Autumn Term 2023


Autumn 1- Curriculum

We have been learning all about volcanic eruptions.

We made our own eruptions and thought about ways to describe them.

We made our own pet rocks and the wrote amazingly descriptive poems inspired by all the things our pebbles had seen in its lifetime; the inside of volcanoes, dinosaurs, woolly mammoths and more.

We  made models showing the layers that make up the Earth; inner core, outer core , mantle and crust.

Year 3 found out all about active, dormant and extinct volcanoes.

We made  Stone Age necklaces

Prehistoric Day

During our Prehistoric Day the children learned how to properly throw spears, made their own jewellery, created mini mammoths, cooked a Stone Age recipe over an open fire, created art with scavenged natural resources and also buit a wattle and daub wall.

We used technology to put ourselves in to the book we're studying- The Dot.

We then wrote a dialogue between the main character and ourselves.

We are learning about imperative verbs.

Today we tried out our washing verbs by cleaning some very muddy toys.

Look at us scrubbing, scouring, bathing, rinsing and buffing.

We had a practical maths lesson.

We explored the idea of sorting and matching items based on their characteristics.