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Where to go for help with online issues.

People I can talk to if something online upsets me.

The internet is an exciting place with lots of opportunities to explore topics that interest us, game play and communication with others. However, we may see things that can upset us. It's important that you share those worries, so things can be sorted out safely and quickly, so you can continue to enjoy all the things the internet has to offer.

My support system (People who I could talk to)

It is important you talk to an responsible adult (18 years old and over) who you trust or feel comfortable with to talk about your online worries. These are some suggestions.

Parents/ Carers

Staff in school

Aunties/ Uncles


 Other services who can help you.

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to people who we are close to or know well. These services below can help with any problems you have. 

It is really important you talk to someone.

The click CEOP button below takes you to a website where you can report any inappropriate sites and behaviour online.

Childline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is free and confidential to call,  to talk to someone who could help you.

They also have a website with lots of information to help you. Click on Buddy the speech bubble below to take you to the childline website.

The NSPCC is also an organisation who can help you with lots of different worries. Click on the image above to take you to their website.