Norbriggs Primary School

Where Every Child Counts

Spring Term 2023


Our visit to Conisbrough Castle


We had a lovely time exploring the Norman keep and bailey

and learning all about life in a medieval castle. The staff were amazing and we particularly enjoyed hearing about the cleaners.

The Ink Garden of Brother Theophane

We spent an afternoon making natural inks like the monk in our literacy book. We then used it to paint some manuscripts. It was great fun but we were limited in colour, we discussed what we could use for more vibrant colours.

Science Week

We rose to the challenge of finding ways to transport our chocolate eggs safely down a zipline. We discussed friction, gravity, weight along with ways to protect our eggs. The children were so creative and showed amazing resilience and teamwork during the task.  We also made our own bubble wands. We had great fun.


In numeracy we've been learning how to divide using the bus stop method. We started by practising our times tables and then applied our skills to trickier problems.

In Science we have been learning how our muscles work in pairs.

We made models to explore how the biceps and triceps work together.

We have been learning about skeletons in Science.

We wanted to find out if the length of our femurs affected how far we could jump so we came up with a scientific question and devised a fair test.

We had great fun testing and when we come back in to analyse our results , the consensus was that NO- having a long femur doesn't necessarily mean you can jump further.

Kickboxing session , learning respect and new skills

We have made kindness trees

Children's Mental Health Week

We have been talking about feelings and emotions . We know it is good to talk to others...

Lampard Class went to Graves Leisure Centre for dodgeball .