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Summer Term


We are going to have a really exciting Summer Term. Please read our newsletter (also on Remind App) so you can see what's going to be happening in Donaldson class. 


We had a wonderful time at our Sports Day.

Here are some of the activities we took part in:-

  • Bean Bag Relay
  • Javelin Throwing
  • Backwards Running
  • Quoit Balancing
  • Hurdles
  • Target Aiming
  • Forwards Running
  • We even had time for a run around the track!

After all that hard work, we were ready to cool down with an ice cream!

We had a fantastic Race For Life

 We have had a fabulous time learning to safely ride Balance bikes.

We have been practising our Flamenco dancing!

We have been busy designing our Donaldson garden.

We now have 5 Little Specked Frogs for our garden as well as some beautiful windmills and colourful bunting. We love having our storytime in there...

We worked really hard and it's beginning to take shape.

Planting to follow...