Norbriggs Primary School

Where Every Child Counts

Summer Term 2024


We designed and built animal homes from natural materials.

We discussed the properties of different materials and chose carefully. It was great fun.

We have been finding lots of different ways to show doubles and halves. We are getting pretty good.

We spent a glorious hour outside looking for both wild and garden plants. We've looked closely at the plants around school and in the field and learned lots of new names.

Our trip to Chatsworth.

We have been partitioning numbers using a range of apparatus.

we are getting quite good.

We have planted our seeds in compost now

they have roots and some even have shoots.

We are learning about primary colours and what happens if we mix them.

Pirate Day

Our little froglets have gone back home! we loved watching our tadpoles grow over the last few weeks and are happy to report that most made it back to the pond. We'll miss them.

Going on a plant hunt.