Norbriggs Primary School

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Summer Term 2024


During our last Forest School session we made  flower crowns and enjoyed our traditional hot chocolate and a biscuit. We've had lots of fun.

Explorers Day

We all thoroughly enjoyed our Explorers Day and the children amazing in their outfits. We talked about where we live and found this on a world map and then discovered other places by colouring the different parts of the world. We talked about hot places of the worldlike the desert and then we role-played exploring the desert. We were in a sandstorm and had to shelter under trees, then we found an oasis for much needed water and rode camels

In the afternoon we learned about Antarctica and discovered what clothes we would need to wear on a trip there. We also made penguins which you will see in the classroom.

As the sunshine made a rare appearance we took advantage and made some pictures using sun sensitive paper. The children chose some interesting shaped leaves and other natural objects and placed it on the paper. they then put the paper in direct sunshine and left it to work its magic! have a look in your child's bag for their picture. After this we had a go at exploring shadows by drawing around each others. We had lots of fun.

The weather was very wet but we used the damp materials around our Forest School space to colour a picture of a bird. We used leaves, flowers, sticks and mud. we learned about some of the different types of birds we could find in our country; blue tits, blackbirds and robins.

Tropical Butterfly House visit May 2024

This week in Forest School we made leaf necklaces. Using a small stick we threaded leaves onto a string. This was tricky but we tried hard and didn't give up. Well done Donaldson class, your necklaces were fantastic.

This week in Forest School we were investigating sinking and floating. We found lots of natural things that float including sticks, grass, flowers, beech nut husks and bark. It was a challenge to find natural things sink but we achieved this when we found stones. We finished our Forest School session with our regular hot chocolate and biscuit followed by a game of Tiggy Unicorns!

This week we made fairy houses using natural materials. the children were very creative including signs to direct the fairies the right way. There was a fairy bunk bed, leaf quilts and even a stone teddy. We had lots of fairy fun.

In Forest School this week we made flower bombs using compost, clay and seed. We then planted them in our garden, in the playground. We are hoping for lots of pretty wild flowers to grow to attract the bees. and butterflies.

Before Easter we  planted  some wild  flower seeds which Mrs Scragg kindly nurtured over the holidays. We talked about our garden area in the playground and decided we wanted to stimulate all our senses. So we have now planted lavender to smell, strawberry plants to hopefully eat and the wild flowers which have now germinated, to look at. We need to look after these by watering them regularly.