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Hello all! 

Here is where you will find the home learning for Mrs Ward's Dahl 3/4. We're so sorry that we are not in school with you all this week, especially with so little time left together. 

We know parents and carers are busy juggling so please just do what you can, when you can. I've added (and will be adding) a range of activities to keep those brains busy.  


And we absolutely love to get feedback on Remind, photos and any work examples really do brighten up our day- keeps us going too! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any problems and I will get back to you ASAP.


Most importantly, stay safe.


Lets hope this is the last time! 


Mrs Ward, Mrs Henman and Mrs Otter.


Please please please read with your child over the next few days. Any age appropriate reading material you have at home is fine, give them a chance to explore their own interests!


Or if you are stuck-

Epic Books -  Sign up here Student Log In (   OR download the app. Code for our class: tdw3289


Oxford Owl - Please use the website below to access free eBooks which are organised into appropriate reading levels for your child. Aim to read little and often each day.

Free eBook library | Oxford Owl from Oxford University Press


Easy-to-Grow Plants for First-Time Gardeners | Mental Floss

Here is a fun drawing game to familiarize yourselves with the parts of a plant. 


Activity Sheet Roll and Draw Plant Game.pdf



Below are 4 short comprehension tasks for the children to complete. They are based on mini beasts- encourage the children to get out into the garden to see what they can find.


Then ask them to share the information however they choose - information texts, posters, brochures, chatterboxes, mini books etc. 


Tues-Beautiful Butterflies.pdf

Wed-Creepy Crawlies in the Garden.pdf

Thurs-Ling the Ladybird.pdf

Fri-Make a Minibeast Mansion.pdf




Here are this week's spellings and some activities to help the children learn them.

Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet.pdf

Spelling Word Search.pdf


Some online spelling practice-


We had just begun learning our 8 times tables. Please encourage your child to practice and recite these regularly. 


Hit the Button is a great game to practice quick recall and the children love it.


Here are some Times tables activities-

eight times tables booklet.pdf



We were also looking at fractions and were just beginning to find fractions of amounts.

Here is a Powerpoint and some activities to help consolidate that learning and to help the children prepare for our next step.


Tues-Fractions of amounts.pdf

Wed-Wed.pdf  (There are two activity sheets here- start with the easiest and move on if your child seems able- The answer are at the bottom!)

Thurs-Thurs Fraction workbook.pdf

Fri- Fractions.pdf