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Travel Smart

At Norbriggs Primary School we enjoy being Travel Smart.



As a school, we strive to make our travel to and from school as smart as possible. 

 There is lots of useful information and links to support you with your smart travel to and from school. 

We took part in the 'Join Team Travel Smart' to make active and environmentally friendly school journeys that are good for them, their community and the planet during the week of 16 October 2023 to 20 October 2023.


Modeshift Monday

Where everyone's effort to reduce travelling by car will be recognised as adding up to make a big difference.

Superstar Shoesday Tuesday

Where pupils will be encouraged to follow in the footsteps of stars from film and literature to stroll or roll to school in funky footwear or wacky wellies.

Wellbeing Wednesday

Where the benefits of walking and wheeling journeys will be recognised as not only as a way help to keep you fit but also for mental wellbeing.

The school journey is a great opportunity to spot and chat about anything interesting you see on the way to help keep your brain busy and to connect with others.

Fume Free Thursday

The focus will be on engine free school journeys to help reduce air pollution as well as helping to cut carbon emissions.

This also includes:

  • car sharing the journey with other car passengers
  • making sure you park away from school and walk the last distance
  • reminding drivers to turn off their vehicle engine when they park

Ride Day Friday

Go for a ride with a pedal, push or scooter glide with your family and friends. This could also include car share, park and stride, travel by bus or even a train!

As part of the campaign week pupils can follow some or all of the suggested ideas for each day as part of their contribution to being a member of Team Travel Smart.

School staff and parents can share the activities they undertake on the Travel Smart Twitter account.



police partnership website story.jpg

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A website with lots of advice and information for road users of all kinds:

If you want to get out and about with your family over the weekend or holidays, you can do this by visiting the Sustrans website. It has a UK-wide network of more than 16,000 miles of signposted paths and routes for walking, cycling, wheeling and exploring outdoors:

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