Norbriggs Primary School

Where Every Child Counts

Summer Term 2024


We went on a visit to Springwell Community School.

We looked at friction and described the effects of forces. We predicted the outcomes of balanced and unbalanced forces before evaluating and identifying steps that needed improving. Mostly  we had fun and wanted to see how far our baskets would go.

In science, Walliams class investigated the effects of water resistance. We discovered the importance of streamlining our missiles so they can move through water easily. 

We went on a tour of the Mastin Moor development site, which includes a construction hub for students carrying out an apprenticeship with Chesterfield College. We were astounded to hear that they have over 50 different job roles, all of whom contribute to the development of this site. We loved the experience and the children asked fantastic questions.

We investigated the relationship between surface area and air resistance

using parachutes as part of our science topic..

As part of our Design and Technology work we have learnt how to adapt a recipe for spaghetti bolognaise before making it. We had lots of fun and the hall smelt amazing..

We took part in outdoor learning as part of our role as a Peak Ambassador School.

We identified species of plants and wildlife that are native to the area.

Geography fieldwork in our local area. Investigating how pollution affects our marine habitats. We also explored the wildflowers that growing Derbyshire. A beautiful morning out in nature.