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This is where you will find work for Mrs Ward's Dahl class. There will be daily Numeracy and Literacy along with ongoing Phonics and Spelling activities and a mix of Science, Topic and RE along with other enrichment activities to keep your children's brains busy.

Please can you continue to read daily with your children and to practise times tables using Time Tables Rockstars. 

If you have any worries or concerns, please use the Remind App to contact me and I will get back to you ASAP. 

Please just do what you can to help your children during these difficult times and take plenty of breaks. I do NOT expect you to complete all the work every day but would love to see what you do get done on Remind.

We miss you all and can't wait to have you back in class,

 Mrs Ward, Mrs Henman and Mrs Otter


This week we are practicing our multiplication and division facts using word problems. Careful reading is very important and we do encourage them to visualise what they are working out,  The children do find word problems tricky so just do what you can! 


Monday-pause the video where needed and complete the word problems.


Image result for ttrs


We are still looking at the 4 times tables this week. Please use the links above to practice using TTRS or Hit The Button.

Adults, please help by quizzing your children.



4X search.pdf

Dot to dot 4s.pdf

Multiples of 4.pdf

Multiplication 4X tables.pdf



How you can celebrate a very 2021 World Book Day on Thursday 4 March! |  National Literacy Trust

Thursday 4th March is World Book Day so this week our activities will all be book based.



Monday- COMPETITION Can you redesign the cover of your favourite book? The winner will receive a book.

Tuesday- Decorate an item, making it relate to a book. It could be a paper plate, a pebble, socks, shoebox etc etc. The possibilities are endless!

Wednesday-Choose a character from a book, draw them and describe them in as much detail as possible.

Thursday- Choose your own lesson! Choose one of the workshops, watch and complete the task.

Friday- Create a bookmark in the theme of your favourite book.

Extra fun!

-I would love to see some pictures of you reading in an unusual place.

-Watch out for some more fun on the Facebook page and on the website.




Epic Books -  Sign up here Student Log In (   OR download the app. Code for our class: tdw3289


Oxford Owl - Please use the website below to access free eBooks which are organised into appropriate reading levels for your child. Aim to read little and often each day.

Free eBook library | Oxford Owl from Oxford University Press



Please help your child to learn these and test them at the end of the week. These words are taken from the Year 2 Common Exception word list.

Week 8 Spellings

Some online spelling practice-

This week we are looking at the sounds


ai, ay, a-e 

Please have a look at the pictures and sound cards and say them aloud. Then look at the words, sound them, read them and finally write them. Use those Freddy Fingers! 


ay ai a-e soundcards.pdf


Roll the dice and read- ay, a-e, ai



This website also has loads of phonic activities to keep you busy!


Marie Curie | Educational Bios for Kids - YouTube

We are learning about important Scientific Inventions over the next few weeks. This week, we are having a look at Marie Curie.

Please watch the PPT video and then have a go at playing Bone Bingo (you don't need to print all the boards!) Alternatively, see if you can identify the bones by looking at the x-ray.

There is some tricky vocabulary here so please can you read and discuss with your child.


Marie Curie Fact Sheet.pdf -This is tricky reading-I do NOT expect children to read this independently!

Bone Bingo Cards.pdf

Bone Bingo Boards.pdf

Bone Bingo Answer Sheet.pdf




We all know how important it is to look after ourselves at this time (and always!) Please ensure you take some time with your children to take care of your mental and physical wellness too. I will upload a range of activities aimed at taking some 'me' time. These are not essential, just suggestions, but I would love to hear about anything you and your children are doing. 


Some suggestions-

-Doodling Mindfulness Doodling instructions.pdf


  • A knight was a mounted soldier who performed military service for a nobleman. A man was created a knight by being dubbed (struck on both shoulders with a sword). This was a ceremony that was usually performed in church. In return for a grant of land or money, the knight did military service for his lord on a set number of days.

    To go into battle a knight needed a horse, a shield, a lance, a sword and a hauberk. The knight also wore a conical helmet that had a nose guard for further protection against blows to the face. Norman knights also used spurs and stirrups. Spurs were used to drive the horse forward in battle. Stirrups enabled the knight to keep his legs straight during battle. This held him securely in place while delivering or receiving blows.

  • Can you label the knight?

Norman Knight.docx


Listen and have a sing along!

Norman Style :)


 Looking for more information?



Here’s a collection of useful PE websites to keep active and boost your wellbeing. We would love to hear which ones you have tried. Let us know on the Remind App.


 Keeping active and having fun!



RE-Thankful Thursdays

Image result for thankful thursday

To keep morale up and to take time to practise some positive thinking, we will complete one activity a week aimed at exploring belonging, meaning and purpose in the context of belonging to a community.


This week, see what you can find-

 Thankful Thursday Scavenger Hunt.docx