Norbriggs Primary School

Where Every Child Counts

Spring Term 2024


In Forest School this week we created our own mud paint.

We followed a recipe and mixed the ingredients together.

We then painted different areas of the Forest School area.

We had lots of fun..

Miss Nuttall and Mrs Gill joined our group this week . We talked about fire safety and being careful around fire. We toasted marshmallows and then squashed them between 2 digestive biscuits to make a s'more. Yummy!

In Forest Schools this week we have been looking at deciduous  and evergreen trees. We used a leaf spotter sheet to help us find different evergreen trees. We  couldn't used this for deciduous trees as they have no leaves in winter. We looked carefully to find holly, ivy, laurel and yew. Afterwards we enjoyed a game of Tiggy Elmer. This is our own invention based on Tiggy Scarecrows.

We have been reading Elmer and the Wind. We have been wind investigators trying to catch the wind, see which direction the wind was blowing and trying to make our own scarves fly in the wind. We had lots of fun!

We used  the sense of hearing to listen carefully to the environmental sonds around us. We then drew sound maps to show what we had heard . The children listened very carefully and heard birds , the wind and different kinds of traffic.

We have found out about Winter birds and have been trying to spot some. We had to be very quiet. We made them a bird feeder using honey,  seeds and mealworms. we have hung them around the Forest School space for the birds to enjoy.

We have been making our own woodland perfumes. We collected lots of natural objects and combined them with water.

We talked about wild animals using smells to mark their territory in the Forest School area.

Our topic is 'Why do you love me so much?'

We have been learning about what babies need. Mrs Barratt (Charlotte's mummy from Y1)  came to talk to us about her baby Tommy.

We thought of some questions we wanted to ask and then engaged in the answers she gave.

We thoroughly enjoyed having a visitor in Donaldson Class.

Thank you to Mrs Barratt for coming to chat to us.