Norbriggs Primary School

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Sports Week 2022

Nursery Sports Day

Reception and KS1 Sports Day

KS2 Sports Day

Gambia Bucket

Walliams and Morpurgo Race For Life

Ahlberg Playground and Hall Sports

Dickens Ancient Greek Olympics

Ahlberg Penalty Shoot Out

Morpurgo and Walliams 'Just Dance'

Both classes had a great time dancing to various Just Dance tunes.

Check out the videos below of some of the dances we did.

Waka Waka



Donaldson Class

Cosmic Yoga


Donaldson Flamenco Dancing

Vamos A Bailar! Olé!

Donaldson Class Hoola Hoop Race

Dickens Rounders

Some great batting and fielding skills in our rounders game.

Morpurgo and Walliams Football and Penalty Shoot Out

Dickens ' Just Dance'

Dahl Class Sports

Ahlberg  Obstacle Course, football and lots of fun on the field

Dickens Trim Trail Challenge. All under 2 minutes

Morpurgo and Walliams Cricket

led by Y5 Bronze Ambassadors

Dickens playing Boccia and Kubbs

 Morpurgo and Walliams Boccia Match

Morpurgo and  Walliams Rounders Match