Norbriggs Primary School

Where Every Child Counts

Forest School Autumn 2023


Week 1

We recapped the rules and boundaries  of Forest school by playing games. We engaged in a team building task called 'Crossing the Swamp' we had to take our group safely across the crocodile infested river safely to the other side.

Week 2

We took part in a natural artwork challenge. We were given a card with a list of equipment and worked in pairs to create our designs.

Week 3 and 4

We learned how to tie a clove hitch knot. Some of us found it easier than others. We then worked in pairs to lash branches together to make a picture frame. 

Flowers we planted in the summer have come to life..

Starting to build a large den.

Week 5

We spent the afternoon making mini dens for our woodland elves. We created entertainment facilities like swings, tree climbing and party rooms for our elves. too. We loved it so much that even during snack time the conversations were buzzing with more ideas to add to our creations.

Week 6

We used 3 sticks and tied them together in a star shape. Then we used different coloured wool to weave a web. It was very tricky to begin with but once we persevered and got into the rhythm we were very proud of our beautiful creations. We used different sized sticks and tied them in different ways and it  made our patterns unique.

Week 7

Our Spooky session had to be held indoors due to the weather. We used tools to carve our pumpkins and had tasty spooky snacks and witch's brew to drink.

Week 8 and 9

 We were blindfolded and had to make our way around a rope course using our sense of touch and communicating with each other.

Week 10

We built a massive leaf pile and took turns to 1,2,3,4,5 Go for a dive! It was such fun. Then Forest  and Chestnut went missing and we went on a hunt to find them. We had to look for clues as to find who had taken them and whrere they were. They found unharmed in the forest, In groups of 3 we built our own protective nests.