Norbriggs Primary School

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Summer Term 2023


Our Trip to Whitepost Farm

We had a fabulous time in the sunshine at Whitepost Farm. We fed sheep, goats and alpacas. We held mice, rabbits and guinea pigs. We even stroked a snake! Luckily we even had time for a picnic and a visit to the Adventure Playground.

We have been busy improving our garden. We have planted an apple tree and some tomato plants to go with our strawberry plants. We have  also tidied up our plot so we can get back in there to enjoy story time! 

We have been very busy preparing for the Coronation of King Charles III.

We used construction materials to make crowns.

We used our building bricks to make royal thrones.

We designed our own King Charles III stamps- we chose famous sights of London and the Coronation to decorate them.