Norbriggs Primary School


Governing Body – Norbriggs Primary School


Why be a Governor?


School Governors make a positive contribution to the education of the children at Norbriggs Primary School. We want the best for the children,

and our decisions support the Head and staff in bringing that about. We represent the different groups of people who are stakeholders in the school.


What do we do?


We act as a critical friend for the school. We want to challenge the school, but support it in doing its best.

We give the school its strategic direction.

We set the aims and objectives of the school, and monitor progress towards those aims and objectives.

We agree the policies which underpin the running of the school.

We regularly monitor and evaluate the progress the school makes towards its aims and objectives.



Who are the School Governors?


1st September 2020


Name                                                  Start Date                   End Date                    Governor Type



Mr Karl Richardson                          01/04/2014                  01/09/2019                  Co-opted


Vice Chair

Mr Steven Kent                                 26/2/2016                    25/2/2020                    Parent


Mrs Elaine Tidd                                 06/09/2013                  05/09/2017                 Authority


Mr Mark Buxton                                  19/10/19                     18/10/2022                   Parent


Rev. Ian Falconer                              09/10/2013                  01/09/2019                  Co-opted


Mr Godfrey Manduwi                      01/09/2020                                                         Parent


Mrs Julie Stallan                               01/09/2021                                                          Parent


Mrs Karen Goodall                           20/07/2014                  20/07/2018                  Teacher


Mr Paul Scragg                                  Not Applicable                                                 Head Teacher                                                              01246 473398


Ms Yvonne Walsh                             Not Applicable                                              Clerk to Governors

c/o Norbriggs Primary School                                                                                 01246 211102                                                            


There are no associate governors.


Mrs Tidd is also a Governor at Woodthorpe Primary School.


The Governing Body was Reconstituted in September of 2015. Before then, the Governing Body had 17 members.


 How are we Organised?


The Governors are organised into three committees:


  • Full Governors
  • Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Resources committee


Full Governors

Teaching and Learning


Karl Richardson - DPO

Steven Kent – Behaviour and anti bullying

Ian Falconer - Pupil Premium

Elaine Tidd – Safeguarding and SEN

Mark Buxton

Godfrey Manduwi

Karen Goodall

Paul Scragg

Ian Falconer

Elaine Tidd

Steven Kent

Karen Goodall


Karl Richardson

Mark Buxton

Godfrey Manduwi


There are currently no vacant Governor posts.


For more detail on the responsibilities of each committee please see the Terms Of Reference document.


For details of meeting dates and agendas please see the Governors Annual Agendas document.


Also please see the Governors Code of Practice.