Norbriggs Primary School

Where Every Child Counts

Spring Term 2023



We had some very special visitors to Donaldson Class today.

We learned a lot about birds of prey and some of us were even brave enough to hold one!

As part of Science Week we had a special visitor. At first we thought she was a magician as she seemed to be performing lots of magic tricks but then she explained she explained why things were happening and we saw that it wasn't magic at all. IT WAS SCIENCE!


Penguins have to make sure their eggs don't slip off their feet onto the ice. We had a go - it was so tricky to walk with them!

We went outside to sing and dance to  our Penguin song. We flapped our flippers and waddled in the snow!

We then went into a penguin huddle to warm up!

We are not joking when we say we work our socks off in Donaldson Class!

Here we are starting to make our penguins from our footprints.