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All children follow the National curriculum for the four core subjects: Literacy, Numeracy, Computing and Science

and a further seven foundation subjects: History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology, Music, P.E and PSHE. R.E 




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English/ Literacy



At Norbriggs Primary School, we use the Read Write Inc programme so our children can become confident, independent readers. Children who read regularly or are read to regularly are more likely to succeed. More importantly, reading will give your child the tools to become independent life-long learners!

We can achieve this together through:

  • Read Write Inc, a programme to help your child read at school.
  • Encouraging children to read by reading to them daily and listening to them read daily, at home and at school.
  • Giving children access to a wide range of books at school and at home.


What is Read Write Inc?

Read Write Inc (RWI) is a phonics complete literacy programme which helps all children learn to read fluently and at speed so they can focus on developing their skills in comprehension, vocabulary and spelling.  The programme is designed for children aged 4-7. However, at Norbriggs Primary School we begin the programme in Nursery and will continue teaching RWI to children beyond the age of 7 if they still need support in their reading.

RWI was developed by Ruth Miskin and more information on this can be found at




Reading Scheme

Children in Reception begin by reading single sounds and as they blend confidently are given Phonic books to take home to practise their skills. The core reading scheme that we use in our school is 'Oxford Reading Tree'. Children are taught the main characters when they first begin on the scheme with a few simple words. As their reading ability progresses the books become more challenging. We use a book banding system so that children are free to choose a variety of books within their reading ability.


As a school we encourage reading at home with class rewards and have a school library where children can loan a variety of different books both fiction and non-fiction.