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How you can celebrate a very 2021 World Book Day on Thursday 4 March! |  National Literacy Trust

World Book Day looks a little different this year but we are still trying our best to make it fun! There are LOADS of activities for your children to do and we will be sharing lots of pictures of what we have been doing in school.

Reading in Strange Places

We took our books and found some exciting spots to catch up with our favourite characters. 


Activities for you to do at home.

  • COMPETITION- Can you redesign the cover of your favourite book? The winner will receive a book.
  • Decorate an item, making it relate to a book. It could be a paper plate, a pebble, socks, shoebox etc etc. The possibilities are endless!
  • Choose a character from a book, draw them and describe them in as much detail as possible.
  • Choose your own lesson! Choose one of the workshops, watch and complete the task.
  • Create a bookmark in the theme of your favourite book.





Our Book Covers

We redesigned our favourite book covers and some of us even imagined our own.