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Introducing our i-vengers (Digital Leaders)


The online world needs heroes...

Empowering young explorers to safely make the most of the web

in ways that advance and enrich their lives for the better.

Our Digital Leaders have completed their i-venger training,

have written a script to introduce themselves.

  Click on the blue link below to download and watch our introductory video.

Our i-vengers video-the final cut

(It may take a while to download- on mobile phones and tablets it will arrive in your downloads file)

The video below is our first version without voice over on the title slides.

The i-vengers short film was shown in both EYFS /KS1 and KS2 Assemblies.

They answered questions from children and staff.

We had a virtual message from Chief i-venger Traci Good who told us our  i-venger video had 'Blown her away!' and she is sending a copy to the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner- Angelique Foster.

She congratulated the i-vengers on their achievements so far.

Our i-venger Awards

i-venger Gold Award- Achieved June 2022

i-venger Silver Award- Achieved April 2022

 i-venger Bronze Award- Achieved December 2021

Fantastic news, we have achieved the i-vengers silver award!

Summer Term  2022

Our Healthy Selfie Display

We asked children in Years 5 and 6 to take 'healthy selfies'

either individually, with friends and even with a pet.


App and Game advice videos

i-vengers have been hard at work  preparing scripts for some app and game advice.  We have now filmed them and uploaded them onto our i-vengers 'app and games advice video page. Check it out!

Have a look at the gallery below showing the i-vengers planning and researching to make sure they give you the best possible advice so that you can enjoy technology safely, respectfully and responsibly.


Our Top 12 Tips for Keeping Safe Online


Why are i-vengers important?

The online world and technology is fast becoming a complicated environment with so much innovation creating incredible opportunities for us all, but specifically our children. It is so important we empower children to embrace these opportunities safely, responsibly and respectfully. Having children trained as Digital Leaders

(i-vengers) will provide them with a voice, which will enable opportunities such as:

  • Peer support
  • School staff support
  • Parental Information
  • Open communication and Good relationships
  • Up to date technology understanding and online/ game/ app activities``
  • Educate peers and adults
  • Long term implementation/Training other team members/ Cascading knowledge on to others through the years.


Who are i-vengers/ Digital Leaders?

Digital leaders (i-vengers) are students with a passion to help our school shape vision and strategy around the use of technology.

In addition to our role as i-vengers, we have extra duties as members of the SMART CREW.

We are responsible for spreading the message of e-safety amongst adults and children at the school and in our community.