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Pastoral Care and Early Help Offer – Norbriggs Primary School

January 2023


Early help refers to the offer of any information, advice or support to children, young people and their families. Early help work is there to help children and families when issues emerge, to help prevent problems from escalating.

At Norbriggs Primary School, some of the early help work that we offer is:

  • Parent/carers - you can call school on 01246 473398 or arrange to speak to Mr Thompson if you are concerned or need support with your child’s learning, behaviour or anything else that you may be worried about. 
  • Children – All Norbriggs Primary School students can come and speak to Mr Thompson in the office if they have any worries or concerns regarding anything inside or outside school.
  • Early Help Assessment (EHA) - an EHA involves listening to parents/carers to find out what help you need and talking about what is working well in your life. Based on what you say and what help you would like, a plan is formulated so that professionals can work together to make sure you get the right sort of help. Mr Thompson will meet with parents/carers to carry out EHA.
  • Hold family support meetings (TAF) – Whilst assessing that the help we are providing, school will arrange Support meetings so we can make sure we are providing a successful service. At these meetings we may be asking external workers for support, like doctors, school nurse, other schools, police, housing and rehabilitation services, whichever is suitable for your circumstances.
  • Schools will liaise with external agencies where necessary to make sure the children’s needs are met for the best possible outcome.
  • School can help you to complete forms and other paperwork such as: admissions to high school, Disability Living Allowance, Doctors forms, etc. 


We have a lot of accessible options to support parents, Please feel free to call us on 01246 473398 or email We will always be here to help. If we cannot help you within our Early Help offer within school, we will support you and help you and your family get the support you need.

If you do not feel comfortable speaking to a member of staff regarding issues, please see our “What, When, Where” leaflet below, which will be able to signpost you to some of the many agencies out there for support.


Mr James Thompson - Pastoral Care Manager - DSL