Norbriggs Primary School

Where Every Child Counts

Spring Term 2024


We did lots of practical experiments to learn about rocks, soils and fossils.

We had lots of giggles when we were penguins for a whole PE lesson.

We had great fun creating collaborative art to introduce our new topic.

We had creative homework based on our Roman topic. The shields were amazing. On Pancake day we used our measuring skills to make our own batter.

We had a Roman catapult day .

Our designs were brilliant and it was great fun so many grown ups joined us.


We loved using drama to show our predictions of what will happen next in a story.

We had lots of fun learning new invasion games

We enjoyed learning about life as a Roman soldier.

Learning different Roman soldier marching formations was lots of fun.

We were really good at following  the Latin instructions.

We loved learning how a Roman road was constructed.

We loved using food to create an edible model showing the different layers. their favourite part was tasting it.

We designed our own Celtic warrior, wode face paint designs,

inspired by the story of Boudicca.

We made Roman unleavened bread.

Y3 had lots of fun playing a game multiplying by 2 and 3 digit numbers by 10.