Norbriggs Primary School

 Morpurgo Sports Week


Sports Day Events

We held our annual sports day on the field. We took part in obstacle, egg and spoon, relay, bean bag retrieve and the usual sprinting and long distance races. We concluded the afternoon with the Gambia bucket race.


Boccia is a precision ball sport, similar to bocce, and related to bowls and pétanque. The name "boccia" is derived from the Latin word for "boss" – bottia. The sport is contested at local, national and international levels, by athletes with severe physical disabilities.




Morpurgo V Walliams

We split into 6 teams and played non-stop football

There was also a penalty shoot out at the end.

Just Dance


Morpurgo V Walliams

Morpurgo win 28-24

The Ice Cream Van cometh

Field Football