Norbriggs Primary School

Christmas in Morpurgo Class 2020


Our Christmas Hoop

We measured using rulers and protractors to draw and create nets for our parcels, then decorated them in a silver and white theme. We also made our own snowflakes. It was then displayed with other classes hoops in the hall.

Christmas cards

Our designs this year involved sewing and adding beads to create a Christmas Tree.


Some of us made

Christingles for our song

'It was on a starry night.'

We learned about the meaning of the Christingle in the Christian Faith.

The orange- represents the world.

Red ribbon- represents the blood of Jesus.

The lit candle-represents Jesus as the light of the world and God's love for the world.

The 4 cocktail sticks and fruit- represents the 4 compass directions- North, South, East and West and the  four seasons- Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter .

The foil- represents the protection of children, this is linked to the 'Save the Children Society.'

Santa Dash 2020

Calendars for 2021.

We had to make our own pattern designs in 4 quadrants using colours that represent the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We used a mixture of felt tip pens and crayon shades for effect.