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This is where you will find work for Mrs Ward's Dahl class. There will be daily Numeracy and Literacy along with ongoing Phonics and Spelling activities and a mix of Science, Topic and RE along with other enrichment activities to keep your brains busy.


Please can you continue to read daily with your children and to practise times tables using Time Tables Rockstars. Please message if your child has lost their password- and I will be checking to see who has logged in!


If you have any worries or concerns, please use the Remind App to contact me and I will get back to you ASAP. 

Please do what you can to help your children during these difficult times and take plenty of breaks.


We miss you all and can't wait to have you back in class,

 Mrs Ward, Mrs Henman and Mrs Otter.


This week we are beginning to look at subtraction using column methods. Alongside this we will revisit number bonds and mental subtraction facts.

Please look at the video to see what to do and then have a go yourself. I'd love to see pictures of completed work via the RemindApp :) 


Your turn!


6th Jan- Subtraction Worksheet

7th Jan- Subtraction worksheet.docx

  Squared paper.doc 

8th Jan-Subtraction Word Problems

Please use the squared paper to record these in columns as shown on Wed/ Thurs.

Have a go at this subtraction game! Challenge yourself and let me know what level you get to.

Subtraction Game


This week we are looking at money. We are recapping coins and their value and then moving onto counting coins and notes and then finding amounts. Please help your children by allowing them to explore any coins you have and to role play making amounts to pay for items. 


Monday January 11th - Recognising Coins

Please watch the video, pausing if needed and then give the worksheet a go. 

Tuesday January 12th- Counting Coins

Please watch the video, pausing if needed and then give the worksheet a go. 

January 13th- Counting Coins and Notes

Please watch the video, pausing if needed and then give the worksheet a go.

Thursday 14th January 

Please watch the video, pausing if needed and then give the worksheet a go.

Friday 15th January 

Please watch the video, pausing if needed and then give the worksheet a go.



You SHOULD know your 3X tables by now, Please have a practice this week before we move on.

6th Jan -3X tables activity

7th Jan - 3 times tables.pdf

8th Jan - Test yourself- are you confident and ready to move on?

3X tables booklet


11th- 15th Jan

We are looking at our 4 times tables this week. please use the links above to practice using TTRS or Hit The Button. Adults, please help by quizzing your children.

Below is some written practice.


Week 1

6th/7th Jan- Read these descriptions of whales. Whale Book  and complete the activities. You will need an adult to help you read the instructions. 


Click on the blue links)


8th Jan-  Read the whale fact file. Can you create a poster about a Blue Whale? 

Here is a good example- Example

Whale wordsearch-Can you use any of this vocabulary?


Week 2

Mon-11th Jan

Listen to the telling of Tigress by Nick Dowson and Julie Chapman. Read the instructions with an adult and complete the drawing and labelling activity.

Listen to - Tigress

Instructions and resources- Instructions and resources.docx


Tues- 12th Jan

Listen to the reading of Ice Bear, written by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Gary Blythe 

Discuss and write the similarities and difference between tigers and polar bears and finish by reading and sorting the facts. 


Listen -Ice Bear 

Instructions and resources-Instructions and resources.docx


Wed-13th Jan

Listen to the first part of The Rainbow Bear, written by Michael Morpurgo and illustrated by Michael Foreman. Discuss the alliteration and try some of your own.


Listen- The Rainbow Bear

Instructions and resources- Wednesday- instructions and resources.docx


Thursday 14th Jan

 A shorter activity for today- can you complete this SPAG activity mat? SPAG activity Thursday.docx


Friday 15th Jan 

Another SPAG activity - Friday SPAG activity.docx


Week 2

Every Wednesday I will recap a sound. Please help your child to sound out the words and to practice spelling them. My phonics group- get those Freddy Fingers out please!


Week 1

Here are some phonics activities to keep you up to date with the sounds we have been doing over the last term. Please do a bit at a time, no need to plough through all at once. Next week I will carry on where we left off, adding new sounds for you to learn. 


There is also a 'Tricky Words' activity booklet too.


These spellings are taken from the Common Exception word list. Please help your child to learn them and if possible, test them at the end of the week. I would love to hear how they get on via the RemindApp.

Week 2-  spellings


Skeleton Dance

Have a listen and a dance :)

We are learning all about the skeleton this week.

Have a look at the PPT video and complete the activities. I DO NOT expect the children to remember all the bones, especially the scientific names. They may need your help reading some of the new vocabulary.

Jan 7th

 Can you draw where you think your bones are and what you think they look like?

Where are our bones?

Have a look at the bone names.

Common Bone names.pdf

Can you write the names on? Choose which sheet you would like to do-there are 3, they get more difficult.

Common Names Skeleton Labelling Sheet.pdf

If you're interested- have a look at the scientific names.

Scientific Names of Bones Word Grid.pdf

We all love a wordsearch!

Bones Word Search.pdf


Week 2- 14th January

Have a look at the PPT video to learn a little about the functions of skeletons. Pause where needed and complete the worksheet. Don't forget to try to identify where the bones are in your own body and to feel how they move.

Circle the different types of joints on this worksheet- Thursday Skeleton Task.docx



We all know how important it is to look after ourselves at this time (and always!) Please ensure you take some time with your children to take care of your mental and physical wellness too. I will upload a range of activities aimed at taking some 'me' time. These are not essential, just suggestions but I would love to hear about anything you and your children are doing. 


Some suggestions-

  • -crafting
  • -cuddling up with a good book
  • -baking- more banana bread anyone?
  • -walking a new route
  • -yoga (link to cosmic yoga here)
  • -mindfulness colouring- your children love this in class Link
  • -mindfulness exercises. There are LOADS of these online, I've linked a couple Link 1 Link 2