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This is where you will find work for Mrs Ward's Dahl class. There will be daily Numeracy and Literacy along with ongoing Phonics and Spelling activities and a mix of Science, Topic and RE along with other enrichment activities to keep your children's brains busy.

Please can you continue to read daily with your children and to practise times tables using Time Tables Rockstars. Please message if your child has lost their password- and I will be checking to see who has logged in!

If you have any worries or concerns, please use the Remind App to contact me and I will get back to you ASAP. 

Please do what you can to help your children during these difficult times and take plenty of breaks.

We miss you all and can't wait to have you back in class,

 Mrs Ward, Mrs Henman and Mrs Otter.


 This week we are going to recap some of the work we did with money. I know the children in school found some parts a little difficult, especially finding the difference and finding change.  If you think your child is ok and ready to move on, I have added some more challenging worksheets at the bottom. When learning about money, role play of real life situations is so important. If you can find the time, please spend some time with your child pretending to pay/ give change etc.


Monday 25th Jan 

Counting coins in 2, 5. 10s- tying in with our 2, 5, 10 times tables recap this week.

Money- addition worksheet 

Tuesday 26th Jan

Watch the video to see how we find the difference-

We usually count up on a number line (we also use coins to count and sometimes subtraction). The activities are easier than the numbers on the video but it is a good example of our methods.

Giving change worksheet

Wednesday 27th Jan

Can your child apply their knowledge?

Play this game to find out- play the 'Finding Change' game and encourage them to use pencil and paper to find the answers.

Move up the levels as you go.

Thursday 28th Jan

How would your child get on in the real world?! Can they spot any mistakes?

Checking change.docx

Friday 29th Jan

Your child may need help to read these problems.

Addition and subtraction word problems.pdf


We have been learning all about our skeletons and muscles. Let's see what you can remember about how to keep them healthy.  Watch the video for a little reminder and then challenge yourself to fill in a food diary, recording what you eat and what it does for your body. 

Nutrition Food Diary

This is just a guide- you can always make your own version.




After the death of Edward the Confessor, no one knew who would rule next. There were three kings who claimed they had a claim to the throne. 

-Harold Godwinson - promised the throne by leaders of England.

-Harald Hardrada- thought his family had been promised the throne by a previous King.

-William, Duke of Normandy- said that Edward has promised him the throne before he died.

What can you find out about each of the three kings? Record it here.

Enter text...

Challenge Worksheets

This are IF you feel like your child is ready to move on. Please do not feel like you need to complete them all.

Addition with Money challenge.docx

Counting money challenge activity cards.pdf

Mastery selecting money.pdf



We are recapping our 2, 5 and 10 times tables this week. Please use the links above to practice using TTRS or Hit The Button.

Adults, please help by quizzing your children.



2, 5 and 10 Times Tables and Division Facts.pdf

2, 5, 10 facts 


File:Star full.svg - Wikimedia CommonsTTRS STARSFile:Star full.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Well done to Noah, Gracie, Daisy, Jake, Saliha and Rohan for logging into TTRS this week. 

Rohan is tearing ahead with 29, 275 coins! Well done Rohan!



Please help your child to learn these and test them at the end of the week. These words are taken from the Year 2 Common Exception word list.

Week 4 -Spellings


Some online spelling practice-

Every Wednesday I will recap a sound. Please help your child to sound out the words and to practice spelling them. My phonics group- get those Freddy Fingers out please!

IR UR Words.pdf

Week 4 IR UR sound cards.pdf


We all know how important it is to look after ourselves at this time (and always!) Please ensure you take some time with your children to take care of your mental and physical wellness too. I will upload a range of activities aimed at taking some 'me' time. These are not essential, just suggestions but I would love to hear about anything you and your children are doing. 


Some suggestions-

-Doodling Mindfulness Doodling instructions.pdf

    • -crafting
    • -cuddling up with a good book
    • -baking- more banana bread anyone?
    • -walking a new route
    • -yoga (link to cosmic yoga here)
    • -mindfulness colouring- your children love this in class Link
    • -mindfulness exercises. There are LOADS of these online, I've linked a couple Link 1 Link 2


RE-Thankful Thursdays

To keep morale up and to take time to practise some positive thinking, we will complete one activity a week aimed at exploring belonging, meaning and purpose in the context of belonging to a community.

Thankful Thursday- Grateful Jar.pdf