Norbriggs Primary School

Forest Schools

Norbriggs Primary School uses the natural outdoor woodland area to offer the children an insight into the Forest School ethos. This approach to outdoor learning encourages children to become independent, use their imagination, take appropriate risks within boundaries and initiate learning for themselves. Forest School is a holistic approach to learning, incorporating children’s individuality and develops their skills for lifelong learning. It can cover all six areas of learning, including the emotional and spiritual aspects of learning where self-esteem and self-confidence can grow and positive relationships with peers can be formed. Forest School explores the outdoors and the natural environment with practical, useful activities all year round. It develops peer learning with the adults providing support and enabling activities to take place. The child’s interest will be at the heart of any activity.

The new group in Forest School this term are enjoying learning in the outdoors. So far they have taken part in many teambuilding skills and games, such as, 123 where are you?- a hide and seek game with a twist and the blindfold challenge. They have been learning knots and lashings to make picture frames and have also been making mini dens for woodland elves. The children have been learning to use tools safely and have used junior hacksaws, and pen knives to make bows and arrows. They have also been learning to weave natural materials to make patterns and natural fences.

Forest Schools Policy